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  • 3 Things You May Not Know

    About Yachting

    3 Things You May Not Know About Yachting 

    At Golden Yacht Charters, we make it a mission to spread the word about these wonderful boats. Sometimes, however, misguided beliefs hold potential thrill seekers back from experiencing something magical and unique. Below are a few things you may not know about yachting. 

    1. You Can Do It for Any Reason You Want

    Did you just get a promotion at work? Take to the water. Is your daughter the proud owner of an excellent report card? Start the engine. You can go yachting in Miami whenever you wish and for whatever reason you wish. All you need is a free afternoon and some determination. 

    2. There Is More Than One Kind of Yacht

    When some people think about yachts, they picture monsters with three levels and enough space to qualify as a country. But yachts come in all shapes and sizes. At Golden Yacht Charters, we offer many different options for our customers. Whether you want to go large or small, we have something to suit you and your loved ones.

    3. The Fun Possibilities Are At Your Disposal

    Unlike your typical tourist guide, we don’t tell you how to run your day. If you want to spend your time sipping a drink and talking to your best buddies, you’re free to do so. If you want to try your hand at fishing, try it with gusto. It’s all up to you and what you wish to achieve with the time you have. 

    Contact Golden Yacht Charters to charter a boat and start an adventure today. We offer Miami boat rentals that won’t disappoint.

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