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  • Fire Safety Tips for Boaters

    Here are the steps you take...

    If you had to come up with a list of things that terrify you, would boat fires make the cut? Though rare, fires can and do happen aboard boats of every shape and size. What can you do to prevent them? What steps should you take? You can’t make a boat fireproof, but you can eliminate hazards.

    Have an Escape Plan

    You need to have an exit strategy in case you find yourself in a crisis. If you so wish, you can draw a chart and show it to everyone on the boat when they board. Walk through your plan to make sure nothing could slow you down or prevent you from getting out. If you come across an issue, fix it as soon as possible. Stock up on life jackets and make wearing them a requirement.

    Be Responsible With Your Portable Heater, Stove, and Other Appliances 

    If you have appliances on your boat, leave them off when not in use. Keep your heater at least three feet away from furniture, curtains, rugs, or anything flammable. Never put dish towels, pot holders or oven mitts too close to the stovetop. It may take extra effort to tackle these tasks, but it’s worth it in the end. 

    Replace Worn or Frayed Cords 

    Damaged cords spell disaster for your safety. Anyone walking on the boat could get a shock. A small spark could start a fire. Check your cords on a regular basis and replace them without delay. 

    At Golden Yacht Charters, we take fire safety very seriously. If you want to charter a boat, let us be your source for luxury yacht charters. We’ll never put your well-being at risk.

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