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    How to Avoid Seasickness on a Powerboat

    Would-be boaters of all ages worry about getting sick while out on the water, and this prevents them from experiencing wonderful adventures. If you’re in this group, there are things you can do to prevent an uncomfortable journey for you and your stomach. Keep reading to discover the solutions to this common issue.

    Look Into Medicine That Will Help

    The world of modern medicine may be able to help you avoid spending your trip huddled in the corner, completely miserable. Check with your doctor before you make any final decisions or go in a negative direction. You don’t want to choose something that will only make the situation worse. Go with something that won’t make you drowsy – you don’t want to nod off in the middle of the ocean!

    Avoid Thinking Negative Thoughts

    Some people experience seasickness because they expect to. The moment they step on a boat, they assume they’re going to start to feel nauseous. Don’t do this. Walk into the situation with a positive attitude and your head held high. Don’t let anyone discourage you or talk you into doing something counterproductive. 

    Eat Plain Meals and Stay In the Shade

    It’s not a good idea to chow down on heavy or spicy foods while you’re on the powerboat. Stick to simple, plain things, even if it’s not what you’re in the mood for. If you start to feel strange, get off the boat until you feel better. Don’t sit in direct sunlight for long periods.

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