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  • How to Find a Pet Sitter

    before You Leave for a Powerboat Outing

    How to Find a Pet Sitter before You Leave for a Powerboat Outing

    When you’re caught up in the thrill of powerboating, it’s easy to lose track of time. If you have a pet, you should make sure that its needs can be met while you’re out on the water. But how do you find a great, reliable pet sitter? What should you carry in your mind as you go through the motions?

    Ask the People You Know

    The people around you are your best bet when it comes to choosing a sitter you know you can trust. Check with a neighbor or ask one of your friends if they don’t mind watching Fido while you’re away. Make a few phone calls or send an email. If you have a large friends list on Facebook, use that site to help you find a sitter, too. 

    Check On the Internet

    If your social circle can’t provide you with a proper pet sitter, consider looking online. There are many websites that allow owners to seek out people who can watch their animal for any chosen length of time. Many of them have affordable rates, but if you want a sitter to perform duties such as giving medication, you may have to pay more. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you want to make sure the sitter has your pet’s best interests in mind. If the website uses a rating system, pay close attention to the ratings. Don’t gloss over ratings – they offer important insight. 

    Once you have a pet sitter, contact Primetime Luxury Watercraft. We offer quality powerboats for our customers, no matter what their needs may be. When you want to charter a boat, let us show you how much better we can make the experience. Learn more about our Miami boat rentals today.

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