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  • How to Get Over a Fear of Boat

    How do you get over your fear? What steps can you take?

    In a video uploaded to YouTube by user BonjourBuzz, a cruise ship makes its way through testy and uncertain waters. The viewer may gasp as it leans toward the unforgiving waves, perhaps mere inches from tipping over completely. If you’re afraid of boats, a video like this could send you over the edge. How do you get over your fear? What steps can you take?


    Look For the Root of the Problem

    If the idea of spending a day on a luxury yacht makes you sick to your stomach, try to get to the root of the problem. Are you afraid of sharks? What about seasickness? Are you unable to swim? There are many things you can do to remedy these problems. If you deal with seasickness, talk to your doctor about medicines you can take. Sign up for swimming classes at your community center and always have a life jacket with you on a boat. Go to the library and bone up on your knowledge of sharks. These actions make a big difference in the long run.

    Take It Slow

    As you work to get over your fear of boats, take it slow. Don’t push yourself too hard – you might make it worse. Start out by visiting a dock and watching people interact with boats. Once you clear this hurdle, sit down in a boat and stay there for a few moments. It’s up to you, your doctor, and what you’re comfortable with in the end. Ask friends and family members to assist you in your endeavors. Their love and support will take away much of the stress and worry. 

    Golden Yacht Charters wants everyone to enjoy their time spent on a boat. When you’re ready to charter a boat in Miami, give us a call. Our yacht rentals must meet our high standards before we use them. When it comes to safety, we strive to be the best.

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