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  • How to Release a Fish

    You’ve Caught on a Powerboat

    How to Release a Fish You’ve Caught on a Powerboat

    Fishing is a popular pastime, one that people around the country partake in when they wish to relax or catch their next meal. Some enthusiasts fish with the intention of releasing their catch back into the water. If you wish to do the same, there are certain things you should do. When you spend an afternoon fishing on a powerboat, keep the information below in mind.

    Don’t Touch the Gills

    While handling a fish, keep your hands and fingers away from the gill slits. Why? Fish gill filaments are prone to injury and are quite sensitive. In order to avoid harming the fish, make sure you cradle the fish near the head and tail. If this isn’t possible, try holding the fish around the mid-section as gently as you can. When you catch a bass, hold the lower jaw with your forefinger under the chin and your thumb in the mouth. 

    Remove the Hook Quickly or Cut the Line

    Once you catch a fish, remove the hook as fast as you can. Some people use hemostats or long-nose pliers. If you believe that you can’t remove the hook without hurting the fish, consider simply cutting the line. There should only be a small amount of line left connected to the hook. This makes it easier for the hook to pass through the digestive system of the fish.

    Don’t Release the Fish until It’s Revived

    If the fish appears tired from flopping around, wait until it revives before you try to set it free. Let it swim away using its own power. 

    The next time you’re ready to charter a boat and go fishing, call Primetime Luxury Watercraft. We offer Miami boat rentals sure to meet your needs. We want to be your top source for powerboats.

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