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    How to Start a Blog about Your Boating Adventures

    If you’ve ever had the urge to share your boating adventures with people around the world, a blog may be the best way to do so. But how do you start a blog? What do you need to think about as you plan? 

    Invest In a Good Digital Camera or Camera App

    If you want your blog to show how much you enjoy boating, you need to invest in a camera or camera app. Some bloggers use digital cameras to capture special moments, but you can use the camera that came with your smartphone. An app will help you adjust the brightness and sharpness of an image. If you desire, you may add color filters. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Some things work better than others, so you should explore to find what fits your needs. 

    Find A Place to Host the Blog and Choose a Nautical Layout 

    Every blog needs a host, and there are several available on the Internet. Think about your limitations when you look for a suitable place to put your blog. Do you know anything about HTML or CSS? Do you care about customization? Some free blog hosts don’t allow you to customize your blog layout beyond changing a few colors or images. If you have complete control, consider a nautical theme. This will get your readers in the mood and provide you with inspiration. 

    Need content ideas for your blog? Charter a boat with Golden Yacht Charters. When you choose one of our Miami yacht rentals, you can set a course for adventure. Call us today to learn more.

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