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    How to Stay Warm on a Powerboat

    Spend any amount of time on a powerboat and you soon learn how breathtaking and enchanting the experience can be. People of all ages can come together and enjoy a day out on the water. Sometimes, however, a little chilly weather may creep in on you. How do you stay warm when this happens? Your friends at Primetime Luxury Watercraft have your back.

    Bring Blankets

    When you choose to go out on a powerboat, you may think that things like blankets are unnecessary. Blankets are a great way to ward off the cold when the temperature drops. Some people bring towels, but these towels soon get wet once someone goes into the water. Go through your closets at home and pick less important blankets to use. You don’t want to bring your favorite blanket out on a powerboat. You may drop it into the water or rip it. If you don’t have something at home, go to the store and choose something cheap. Take someone along if you feel you may get stuck during the decision-making process. Use a small blanket to save on space. 

    Dry Yourself Off after Spending Time in the Water

    If you have a need to go swimming in the ocean, make sure you dry yourself off once you get back on the powerboat. If you choose to let the air dry you off, you may get very cold and uncomfortable. Your powerboat outing may lose steam fast. Bring at least one towel and dry yourself as thoroughly as you can. 

    When it comes to Miami boat rentals, Primetime Luxury Watercraft wants to be your top choice. We work hard so you can relax. Contact us today to learn about the powerboats we offer and charter a boat today.

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