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  • How to Treat a Bad Sunburn

    Get out of the Sun!

    How to Treat a Bad Sunburn

    When you’re caught up in the fun and excitement of powerboating, it’s not hard to forget to take care of yourself – especially your skin. Bad sunburn isn’t uncommon for boaters, and it can be a painful situation if you don’t take the right actions. What do you do if the sun manages to make you or someone you know as red as a lobster? 

    Use an Aloe

    When you’re away from home and don’t have access to anything else, applying an aloe vera ointment is a great way to sooth your skin and cool it down. You can get it at many stores and keep it in a purse or bag for easy access. 

    Get Out Of the Sun

    Some people assume the worst is over when they notice they have sunburn. Their skin is already red, why bother stepping out of the sun? Actually, a terrible burn can get even worse if you stay out in the open. A mild inconvenience could become something that causes loss of sleep and discomfort when you dress or shower. Find a shady place to rest. At the very least, cover your exposed skin with a towel or blanket.

    Take a Cool Bath

    It may sound strange, but a cool bath can make a big difference. Don’t take a shower – you may be in a hurry to relieve your pain, but the constant barrage of water on your skin isn’t good. Stay away from soap. Sprinkle your bath water with baking soda and sit for as long as you’re comfortable. 

    Primetime Luxury Watercraft takes the safety of boaters very seriously. When you charter a boat with us, you won’t be disappointed. Call us to learn more about our Miami boat rentals today.

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