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  • Instill a Love of Boating

    In Your Children Using Toy Boats

    In a video uploaded to YouTube by user PBS Parents, you learn how to make a toy boat out of common household items. As the video unfolds, you can’t help but want to start crafting right away.  After all, anything that involves boats is exciting in your mind. But how do your children feel about boats? If you find their enthusiasm lacking, there’s no reason to lose hope. A toy boat could be just want you need to get them craving an adventure on the deep blue sea!



    Turn Bathtime into Adventure Time

    Screams of protest are a common theme for parents who want their kids to take a bath. But you don’t have to resign yourself and your kids to a bathtime filled with fidgeting and flying soap suds. Turn bathtime into an adventure by including a toy boat in the routine. Let their imagination run wild. Make up a story and encourage them to act it out. Sooner or later, they’ll figure out that there’s fun to be had on boats. Maybe you can’t give them a boating trip filled with mermaids and pirates in real life, but you can plant a seed of joy in their minds. 

    You think boating is a breathtaking and stimulating experience, but maybe your kids beg to differ. How do you make them change their minds? At Golden Yacht Charters, we believe in the power of play. Show them the possibilities with something as simple as a toy boat. When you’re ready to charter a boat, call us. We work hard so you can relax. Talk to a helpful member of our team today to learn more about our Miami boat rentals.

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