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    around You by Boating

    In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Clint Reynolds, dolphins swim and play around a boat nearAnacapa Island. It’s an amazing thing for anyone to witness, regardless of their age or background. Why not step outside your comfort zone and discover what the ocean has to offer beyond what you see in videos?


    Discover What Lives Beyond Your Neighborhood

    You know what dwells in your neighborhood. The squirrels, birds, and occasional chipmunks make themselves known whenever you sit outside or head out to your car. But what about what you don’t see on a normal basis? What about the living things you must leave your home to observe? Do you want to find something that inspires you and tickles your fancy? A trip of any length on the deep blue sea may introduce you to wonders you never thought existed. There is more to nature than what makes a nest in your apple tree.

    Take Pictures, Write a Story, and Make Memories

    Create a treasure trove of pictures and stories for your loved ones to discover in the years to come. Capture the moment a seagull spread its wings with your smartphone or digital camera. Jot down how you felt the moment you saw the sun’s reflection on the water. You don’t need fancy equipment – just a sense of wonder.

    Golden Yacht Charters wants you to experience something amazing. When you charter a boat with us, you gain freedom not available on the shore. We work hard so you can relax. Our Miami yacht charters are available now, so give us a call.

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