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  • Living Aboard A Boat

    Is It For You?

    In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Scottiepoo5612, you get a tour of the place someone calledhome for two years. While home tour videos are common on YouTube, the angle here is the fact that the home in question is a boat. Many people dream of living on a boat and going wherever the wind takes them. Is this lifestyle the right one for you?

    Take Size under Consideration

    Adjusting to a smaller living space is one thing you can’t avoid. You need to scale down if you want to be able to exist comfortably on a water vessel. If you have a family, the chances are high that each member has a significant amount of personal possessions. If you don’t have the funds required for investing in storage space, you’ll have to sell anything that won’t fit in your new home. This is a grueling process, but it’s not impossible. Have a yard sale, contact family and friends, or list items on an auction site. 

    Know the Costs Associated With the Lifestyle

    Living on a boat comes with advantages. For example, you’ll never have to mow a lawn again. But it’s crucial to realize that unique expenses come with the deal. If you want to go places, you need gas. Marina fees and applicable taxes are also something to take under consideration. 

    If you don’t want to spend every waking moment on a boat, you can still rent one for an afternoon. Charter a boat with Golden Yacht Charters and have fun with no strings attached. Call us to learn more about our yacht rentals.

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