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    Powerboating on a Budget

    Powerboating is a great pastime, one that many partake in when they want to unwind and feel the ocean breeze on their face. However, unless you have a million dollars to throw around, getting out on the water may be damaging your budget. Gas, maintenance, and docking fees are a few problems that boat owners face. But before you throw in the towel, take heart – you can powerboat on the cheap side if you know where to start. At Primetime Luxury Watercraft, we want everyone to experience powerboating. We hope the information below will help. 

    Buy Your Supplies Out Of Season

    Think you have to buy your boating supplies at a certain time of year? Think again! Wait until certain things are sure to be on sale. When it starts to get chilly outside, visit your favorite store and check for bathing suits, fishing rods, and other items with discounted price tags. People are less likely to shop for warm weather items in the winter, and this is something to keep in mind. Check online if the local selection is lacking.

    Rent a Boat – Don’t Buy One

    Many people think they have to own a powerboat in order to get the full experience. This isn’t true. Primetime Luxury Watercraft offers powerboats of every shape and size, leaving our customers free to choose something that fits their unique tastes. When you rent a boat, you don’t have to worry about storage or general care. This saves you money and allows you more time for fun. If you want to charter a boat in Miami, you don’t have to compromise your finances.

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