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    on Your Next Powerboat Outing

    Staying Cool on Your Next Powerboat Outing

    The summer season may be a favorite of people around the country, but it also means hotter weather. While you’re out on a powerboat, it’s important to stay cool and avoid discomfort or dehydration. But how do you achieve this? What are you supposed to keep in mind? Primetime Luxury Watercraft offers the tips below for your consideration. 

    Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothes

    Your first order of business is to find clothes that don’t cling to your skin and trap heat. If you wear something skin tight and dark in color, you’re only setting yourself up for misery. It’s fine to wear a bathing suit with something covering it when you’re not in the water. If you have a tight budget and don’t know how to save money, consider looking at online auctions. Some people sell clothing that they don’t need or want anymore, and you can get them at an affordable price. Local stores may be having sales, so check them out, too.

    Bring Drinks Along For the Ride

    When you charter a boat in Miami, it’s a good idea to bring drinks along for the ride. Choose your favorite refreshments to pack, but make sure water is a part of the equation. Don’t place your drink where it can fall off the boat. If a member of your party appears to be getting dehydrated, give them something to wet their whistle immediately. 

    When the time comes to get a powerboat, go with Primetime Luxury Watercraft. Our vessels are some of the best in Florida, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Call today to charter a boat and learn more about our services.

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