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  • Teaching Your Kids

    to Love Fishing On a Yacht.

    In a video uploaded to YouTube by user BabyTedster, a young boy expresses surprise and delight when he manages to catch a fish. The infectious enthusiasm radiates from the screen, making you smile. Maybe you want your own children to react to fishing in the same way. How do you instill a love for this time-honored tradition? What steps should you take to get the best results?


    Keep It Short and Make Time for Activities They Enjoy

    It’s not a good idea to make your offspring fish for the entire day. They may get bored within a few hours and start to resent the activity. Limit fishing to one hour increments. When you run out of time, move on to other things. Bring a small toy along for the ride. Let them have a snack or take a nap. By the time they’re done, their minds may wander back to fishing. 

    Plan Ahead To Avoid Problems

    What will the weather be like on the day you plan to go fishing? Ask other anglers about the best places to go to get a bite. You want your children to have a great first experience. If they don’t catch anything, they may give up. Bring duplicates of your fishing supplies in case someone drops something into the water. Let people know where you’ll be and leave room in the schedule for setbacks. 

    Make fishing a pastime you can enjoy with your children in the years to come. Golden Yacht Charters offers a range of yachts suitable for any situation. When you’re ready to charter a boat, contact us to learn more about our Miami yacht rentals.

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