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    On Your Next Yachting Adventure

    Things You Shouldn’t Bring On Your Next Yachting Adventure

    You’re packing for a wonderful adventure on the high seas and can’t wait to get to the dock. But before you zip up your bags and toss them in the car, make sure you don’t have certain items in them. As unlikely as it may seem, it’s possible for something to fall overboard if you aren’t careful and take precautions. 

    Expensive Jewelry

    If you have a necklace or ring that you couldn’t stand to lose, it’s not a good idea to take it along on your yachting trip. You don’t want it to slip off your hand or neck and fall where you won’t see it. Should you still wish to wear something while you dine and dive, bring something less valuable. Check on the item occasionally to make sure it didn’t fall off so you can retrace your steps. If you think you may forget, ask someone you trust to serve as backup. You’re less likely to fall into a panic. 

    Priceless Heirlooms

    You probably shouldn’t take grandpa’s pocket watch along with you on your trip. It may get wet or fall and break. Great grandma’s fancy plates should stay on the shore, too. As tempting as it may be to bring items that carry a history with your family, you could end up heartbroken. 

    As you grab your sunscreen and shades, make sure your expensive, irreplaceable possessions stay in the dresser or cupboard. When you’re ready to board a yacht, talk to Golden Yacht Charters. We ensure that you get quality service when you charter a boat. Call today to learn more about our luxury yacht rentals.

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