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  • Tips for Boating with Babies

    Helpful Tips

    Tips for Boating with Babies

    When the ocean beckons to you and the urge for an adventure overwhelms you, it’s natural to want to take your loved ones along. Some parents wish to take their babies or very young children, but this comes with challenges. What are you supposed to do with your baby on board? What should you keep in mind going forward? 

    Supervise Your Baby at All Times

    Make sure at least one adult is watching the baby during your boating excursion. Young children may feel compelled to run around or otherwise explore their surroundings – this is dangerous! Keep a child occupied with something safe. Bring books or toys along to distract your offspring when necessary. If you’re dealing with an infant, it’s still important to be vigilant and attentive. 

    Keep the Baby Warm 

    It’s easy for infants and toddlers to get hypothermia while out on the water. Wrap your little one tightly in a dry towel or blanket if they look cold.

    Wait Until the Baby Is Old Enough To Wear a Life Jacket

    No matter how anxious you are to show the ocean and all its wonders to your baby, it’s crucial to wait until the baby is old enough to wear a life jacket. The baby should weigh at least 18 pounds, and you should only use a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Don’t try to make a life jacket yourself!

    Should you carry any doubt, leave your baby with a sitter on the shore. 

    Golden Yacht Charters offers luxury yacht charters in Miami and abroad. Contact us today to plan your next adventure and learn about your options. When you charter a boat, do it with confidence.

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