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    Tips for Selling Your Boat with Ease

    You’ve got your eyes on a new water vessel and want to get your old one out on the market. Naturally, you want it to sell quickly. What do you do? It’s not enough to stick a sign on the boat and leave it out in the open. At Golden Yacht Charters, we consider ourselves experts on boats. We hope the tips below will help.  

    Clean It Up

    A dirty, smelly boat does you no favors. Go through your boat and throw out anything that doesn’t belong. Those broken fishing poles and leftover napkins from last year’s Christmas party will give your buyers a bad impression. Wash and vacuum any carpeting, wipe down the windows and wax the exterior until it shines. Don’t try to hide smells with perfumes or sprays – somebody will be able to tell. 

    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise 

    Some people think it’s enough to stick a sign on their boat and park it somewhere. You have to be more aggressive and public if you want to get attention. Post information in your local newspaper, leave flyers on community bulletin boards and spread the word online. Try to appeal to those who seek excitement and adventure. 

    Pick the Right Price

    The price you choose can make all the difference. Check online and see how much your model typically sells for on the market. Choose a competitive, strong price to get the attention of potential buyers. 

    Want to get rid of your old boat but don’t need a new one? Contact Golden Yacht Charters when the desire to take to the ocean is strong. We guarantee you’ll have a good time with us. Choose from our yacht rentals and charter a boat today.

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