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  • Tips for Sleeping Aboard

    your Boat.

    In a video uploaded to YouTube by user goconn69, a child has fallen asleep in his mother’s arms. This sweet family scene reminds you that sleeping on a boat is quite possible in the right settings. If you want to spend the night on your boat, you don’t need to wonder how to pull it off. Golden Yacht Charters scoured the Internet to find the right tips to get you going.

    Keep a Light On

    Leave at least one light on while you sleep. This makes it easy for other boats to spot and avoid hitting your boat. You don’t want to have to deal with injuries or expensive repairs. You may hesitate to do this out of fear of wasting energy, but it’s a necessary part of spending the night on your vessel. Make sure the light is big enough to be seen from several feet away. Talk to an expert about your lighting options and go from there. 

    Find A Safe Place to Anchor the Boat 

    If you plan to anchor near the shore, try to find a protected cove where your boat can sit for the duration of the night. You don’t want to end up in choppy waters or a high-traffic area. Choose the spot ahead of time so you can avoid making rushed decisions. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t anchor there. 

    Golden Yacht Charters offers yacht rentals with comfortable, elegant accommodations for you and your loved ones. Spend the night in the lap of luxury. Let us do the work so you can sleep peacefully. Charter a boat with us today.

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