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  • Tips To Keep Your Powerboat

    from Sinking.

    Powerboating gives people a newfound sense of freedom. They can explore the high seas andexperience thrills they would never have known by staying on the shore. However, no matter how anxious you are to have an adventure, you still need to be careful. Primetime Luxury Watercraft understands the importance of safety. We offer you the information below to help you avoid sinking your powerboat during your next outing.

    Drive Responsibly 

    First and foremost, you need to drive the powerboat carefully. Pay attention to any other boats in the area and avoid getting too close. Never drive the powerboat if you’re intoxicated – should you drink too much, ask someone with experience to take over the task. Don’t drive too fast or attempt any fancy stunts. While it’s wonderful to try new things and expand your horizons, never do so in a way that puts the safety of others at risk. If you carry any concerns, talk to Primetime Luxury Watercraft. We can help you quell your worries and give you the knowledge you need to drive responsibly. 

    Find the Root of the Problem

    If you discover water creeping into your boat, don’t panic. Try to discover the reason for the leak. Were you boating in shallow water? Did the boat hit a rock or patch of land? Is there a hole? If the hole isn’t out in the open, you may have to conduct a search. Ask any and all passengers to help – this will save you time. Get to shore as quickly as possible to avoid getting stuck. 

    Powerboating is a thrilling experience, but caution should always be on the agenda. When you’re ready to charter a boat, call Primetime Luxury Watercraft. We give you quality services and a charter boat in Miami that meets safety regulations. Learn more about what we offer today.

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