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  • Tips To Keep Your Yacht Carpet

    Like New

    Tips To Keep Your Yacht Carpeting Looking Like New

    You’re proud of your yacht. You love the way it shines in the light and how it looks when it’s parked at the dock. But small things may be holding you back from completely loving it. Maybe the inside carpeting is looking a little dirty and worn. How can you prevent this from happening? How can you keep your carpet looking like it was just installed?

    Don’t Allow People to Wear Shoes in Carpeted Areas

    You don’t want dirt and grime to get into the carpeting. If you’re having a party or other social event, tell people to avoid stepping on the carpeting if they’re wearing shoes. You don’t know where those shoes walked before, and you don’t want to deal with stubborn stains. You can also put something down over the carpet to protect it, though it may not be the most attractive option. 

    Attack Stains Right Away

    Once someone spills a drink, you need to treat the stain as quickly as you can. Don’t wait until the end of a party before you start dabbing at the spot with a napkin. The longer you put off the cleaning process, the harder it will be to remove the stain. Know exactly where the cleaning supplies are so you don’t waste several minutes searching for them, if you even have any on the boat. If you’re too busy playing host to deal with the stain, ask someone you trust to give it a try. Your yacht deserves special attention. 

    At Golden Yacht Charters, we take great care of our Miami boat rentals. When you charter a boat with us, you get a yacht that looks clean from top to bottom. Call us today to learn more.

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