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  • What to Keep In a Powerboat

    First Aid Kit.

    What to Keep In a Powerboat First Aid Kit

    You have a first aid kit in your car, but what about your powerboat? If you don’t know what to put in it, the information below may help you get started. It’s an excellent idea to be ready for whatever may happen on the water. 

    A Charged Cell Phone

    A cell phone is an important thing to have in a first aid kit. The phone doesn’t have to be new or under a contract with a service provider. Federal law states that you must be able to dial and reach 9-1-1 on any cell phone. If you have an old phone sitting around, give it a good charge and stick it in the kit. If you don’t have one, you may be able to find one online for a cheap price. 

    Bandages of Varying Sizes and Adhesive Tape 

    If someone accidentally cuts their hand or leg, you need to be able to cover the injury before it gets infected. Adhesive tape prevents the bandage from opening or falling off. 

    A First Aid Manual

    You have the tools you need for tackling an emergency, but maybe you don’t know how to handle certain situations. What do you do if someone starts choking? How do you deal with a bleeding wound? 

    An Antiseptic Solution 

    An antiseptic solution protects an injury from bacteria and germs. You put this on the cut before applying a bandage. 

    Other items to keep in your kit include scissors, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and tweezers. Remember to check your supply levels and restock as needed. 

    If you don’t own a powerboat, talk to Primetime Luxury Watercraft. We can answer your safety questions and help you charter a boat that suits your needs. When it comes to Miami boat rentals, we want to be your top source.

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